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Java Backend Developer

  • Hybrid (4000-125, Porto, Porto, Portugal)

We welcome proactive, communicative, rational-thinking people to join our growing engineering team. We’re looking for people:

· 1 to 8 years of work experience

· Java, JAX-RS, Spring, Hibernate

· Git, Maven, Jenkins

· SCRUM/Kanban

· Ability to have a technical conversation in English

If you checked all the boxes, you’ll rock! If not, do not quit, you might have what we need and the rest will come from hands-on experience – give it a try.

At msg life Iberia we believe and practice self-organization, autonomy, transparency, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Each of our teams includes all the stakeholders of the project so that no one “throws things over the fence” and there is indeed a sense of collective ownership. We value and cater to a desire to learn and a growth mindset along with team-mindedness and good communication skills. We strive to remain adaptable, motivated and responsive to changes.

We take pride in our mindset, meaning that we are an up-to-date and growth-focused team that is open to new ideas. We always seek to transform how we operate in order to adapt, expand and make the lives of our clients better. At msg life Iberia, we know each other’s names, we value different experiences and we both respect and trust the work of our team members.

Apply now: careers.pt@msg-life.com